What is Purevat?

Cursor Limited is one of the leading software companies that introduced "PUREVAT", a complete modern VAT-endabled automated software that covers all of your VAt requirements in accordance with the guidelines of "The Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012".

it has been approved by the National Board of Revenue (NBR), the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

What Purevat provides?
  • Accurate VAT Calculation
  • Invoicing and Documentation
  • VAT Reporting
  • Integration with Accounting Systems

Industry We Support

A wide range of industry is supported by Cursor Purevat.


Import businesses play a crucial role in international trade by connecting global markets and facilitating the flow of goods across borders. Importers typically identify products or services that are in demand in their home country but may not be readily available or cost-effective to produce domestically.


Trading can take place between individuals, businesses, or countries, and it involves the exchange of one item or currency for another. The participants in a trade can be buyers, sellers, or both, depending on their positions and objectives.


A manufacturing business, also known as a production business or industrial business, is a type of business that produces goods by transforming raw materials or components into finished products through various processes.


Export businesses are essential for countries to expand their markets, promote economic growth, and capitalize on their competitive advantages. By exporting goods and services, companies can access larger customer bases, increase revenue, and create employment opportunities.


Service businesses encompass a wide range of industries and sectors, including professional services, consulting, hospitality, healthcare, education, financial services, transportation, entertainment, and more.

Construction and Real Estate

Construction and real estate are two distinct but interconnected industries that involve the development, management, and sale of properties, both residential and commercial. Construction and real estate are interconnected because the construction industry provides the physical infrastructure and buildings that become part of the real estate market.

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We provide all the necessary MUSHAK Report generated by our software.

  • Musak-4.3 - Input-Output Coefficient
  • Musak-6.1 - Purchase Register
  • Musak-6.2 - Sales Register
  • Musak-6.2.1 - Purchase & Sale Register
  • Musak-6.3 - VAT Challan
  • Musak-6.4 - Contractual Production
  • Musak-6.5 - Transfer Invoice
  • Musak-6.6 - Certificate of Vat Deduction at Source
  • Musak-6.7 - Credit Note
  • Musak-6.8 - Debit Note
  • Musak-6.10 - Details of Purchase and Sale invoices worth more than two lakh Taka.
  • Musak-9.1 - Return Submission Form
  • Musak-18.6 - Balance from VAT current account

Purevat Features

We are providing all the necessary features that you possibly need in a automated vat solution.

  • Ledger
  • File Import
  • Procurement
  • Backup & Restore
  • Production
  • Product & Pricing
  • Audit Trail
  • Inventory
  • Voucher
  • Party
  • Sales
  • API Integration

Purevat Modules

Our system consists of all the necessary modules that your business would be needing

  • Purchase Management

    Supplier with Detail Information, Local Purchase, Foreign Purchase (Import), Service Purchase (Local & Import), Service Purchase Invoice, Purchase Invoice (Local & Import), Purchase Register (Mushak - 6.1), Purchase Return, Debit Note (Mushak - 6.8), Purchase Report, Purchase More Than Two Lac(Mushak - 6.10), Purchase Analysis.

  • Sales Management

    Customer with detail information, Local Sales, Foreign Sales (E port), Service Sales (Local & Export), Service Sales Invoice (Mushak - 6.3), Service Sales & Purchase Report, Service Sales & Purchase Analysis, Sales Invoice (Local & Export) (Mushak-6.3), Sales Register (Mushak - 6.2), Sales Return, Credit Note (Mushak - 6.7), Sales Report, Sales Analysis.

  • Inventory Management

    Item Setup with HS-CODE, Item Setup with Category, Measurement Units, Stock Transfer (Mushak- 6.5) , To Production, Stock update , Configuration Input Output Coefficient (Mushak -4.3), Stock Summary , Stock Report, Stock Analysis.

  • Production Management

    Managing inventory section (demand and cost), Maintain Quotation modules to maintain cost, Bills and material dene (BOM), Calculating lead data timely to analyzing order quality and quantity, Measure material usage and scrap.

  • Wastage Management

    Production-related wastage materials managed, Disposal processes, Selling process wastage of materials.

  • Accounts

    Ledger, Day Book, Cash Book, Bank Book, Treasury Challan, VDS (Mushak - 6.6), VAT Return (Mushak - 9.1), Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Report Analysis.

Deployment Models

  • Stand-alone

    Stand alone deployment is the mechanism through which applications, modules, updates, and patches are delivered from developers to users.

  • On-Premise

    On-Premise software deployment refers to the process of running an application on a server or device. That means software is installed and managed by company’s server. User will have the usable part of the software for work purpose.

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